$1,500,000 target
63.33% - 22 Days Left
$950,000 from Investors

Since 2019, we have established three thriving sub-brands: The Coaching MastersCoachFlix & Cafe Coach, while boasting over 100% year-on-year growth and organically generating $4.2 million in revenues. And now, it’s time to officially launch our fourth and final powerhouse brand to combine everything the coaching world needs in one simple-to-use mobile application: CoachApp.

Connect · Grow · Meet · Exchange

Coaches and people looking for a Coach can: (1) Connect on our social media platform; (2) Grow with our e-learning products; (3) Meet at our global co-working spaces and events; and (4) Exchange coaching products and services safely on our marketplace!

CoachApp, is an immersive, safe and results driven social and learning platform for Coaches and Coachees.

CONNECT on our social media platform & GROW with our full range of e-learning products. Both designed specifically for coaches.

MEET at our global co-working and event spaces. Giving our worldwide online community of coaches the opportunity to spend time together in person.

EXCHANGE coaching products and services safely on our marketplace with verified coaches.


Our Mission

The Coaching Master’s mission is to change the way people earn a living by helping them become online life coaches and provide ordinary people with extraordinary tools to create freedom for themselves and others – which is being achieved by winning the Corporate Vision Education and Training Awards ‘Best Online International Life Coaching Training Platform’, two years in a row.

Here’s Some Cool Stuff About Us!

We understand that making an investment can feel confusing, so we’ve had our lawyers write some compliant information in FAQ style to allow you to understand a bit more about how your investment could benefit you. Proceeding that, you’ll find exactly what steps you need to follow below, so you have complete clarity on how to take advantage of this very time-sensitive opportunity. 

How Can I Make a Profit?

There is no guarantee that your shares will increase in value. However, if the TCM group grows in line with its previous history and predicted forecast, your shares will increase in value. As an example, if the company doubles in revenue and profit each year, so will the value of the business, and the value of your shares. Meaning although the company has been valued at $25,000,000 now, it may be worth $50,000,000 in 12 months’ time. 

You can profit from your shares in one of the following three ways:

What is expected of me as an Investor?

The beauty of being an investor is that your contribution is the money itself. Whereas most people in the company have full-time roles, responsibilities, pressure, and stress – there is no mandatory involvement in the day-to-day running of the business. 

However, it is of course within your best interests for The Coaching Masters to grow, as this will in turn grow your own shares in the company. So if there is anything that you possess that you feel could aid the Coaching Masters in its growth, such as ideas, experience, networking contacts etc; this would be warmly welcomed alongside the financial investment. Although, not an obligation or requirement.

Next Steps?

One of the formalities we have to undertake is to ensure we are doing our due diligence by only offering our investment opportunity to those who are financially comfortable, is to sign a document that you’re aware of the associated risks, and indicate which of the following criteria you fall into: