We want to send you a big thank you from everyone here at The Coaching Masters. We are very passionate about disrupting the coaching industry and sharing it with the world, and with your support, we will be able to take a huge step closer towards our company goals.

The Coaching Masters Group

The Coaching Masters Group Limited is our UK based holding company – this company owns all our international subsidiaries across the world in Dubai, Hong Kong and Indonesia. By investing into The Coaching Masters Group Limited, you are investing into everything we have at The Coaching Masters. From Coachapp, to Coachflix to Cafe Coach and everything else under the TCM brand. This is a new company and has been specifically formed to create the group structure, so that investors can invest into the whole international company.

Investment Discount

The Coaching Masters hold two valuations prepared by an independent financial institution, one at $25,000,000 and one at $28,000,000. To encourage the speed of the investment, which will allow us to move into growth as soon as possible, we have decided to offer equity based on a lower valuation of just $20,000,000 – offering an immediate 20-29% return on your investment.

Important : Please take note that we have not had the company valued since February 2022. And the company has grown significantly since last year. We aim to get the company re-valued early 2023 and statistically the valuation will have increased. Meaning this is the very last time you will have the chance to invest in The Coaching Masters Group Ltd at a $20,000,000 valuation.

Due Diligence

Upon pledging your investment you have a legal right to request your investment back until the investment round is officially closed. You can use this time to seek legal advice and study the below information if you want to. You may wish to validate some of the numbers we’ve referenced, check out our business strategy, as well as reviewing our articles of association. In the folder below you will find access to following information:

Investment Terms & FAQ

We have set out some questions and responses that we are frequently asked below in a simple FAQ style. If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to ask. (All financial calculation examples have been based on a $100,000 investment and are purely used for descriptive purposes. They are not to be used as guarantees. They are just examples)

The shares are B2 Shares which carry no voting rights, but they do carry economic rights.

Voting rights grant a shareholder the ability to have a say in the day-to-day running of the business and control over various matters. Please note that the shares that you are purchasing are non-voting, and as such, you won’t be involved in the day-to-day running or control of the business (the 3 founders – Liam, Lewis and Jonny are the only holders of voting shares). This will not affect your right to sell your shares when you so wish to (provided that you do so in accordance with the articles of association).

Economic rights relate to the financial benefits attaching to shares such as: distribution of proceeds upon a sale of the Company and the right to receive dividends (payments that the Company makes to its shareholders over the course of its life if there are funds available to pay dividends. Note that most private companies do not pay dividends until later in their lifecycle).

Next Step?

The next step is to pledge your investment. Remember, this is fully refundable; we want you to feel comfortable and have time to consider your investment and seek any legal advice whilst doing your own due diligence.

Now, for the exciting bit : Make your pledge, start the process of getting your SHARES and officially become an owner of The Coaching Masters.